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Welcome to the Peace Pies Shop!

Are you far from our patio jungle in Ocean Beach or our modern North County cafe? No worries! Get our homegrown recipes, gluten-free granolas, and peanut-free pantry items shipped anywhere in the U.S. Every single item is made with local and sustainable produce, soaked nuts and seeds, and without the use of gluten, soy, corn, or refined sugars!


More great news: our gift cards can be used to purchase all of the above. Check out the goods…


Craving a Raw Food Feast? Come Hang!

Find Our Raw Vegan Restaurants in San Diego County

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“My wife and I are still talking about their ability to make raw food both nutritious and delicious. We purchased their cookbook and are working on some recipes at home.”


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“I bought the Fresh, Funky & Raw! book. It’s been a gift that keeps giving.”


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“So glad I found this place during my visit to San Diego! Everything was yummy and inspiring. I bought a cookbook, too!"


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