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Where would our menu be without the young coconut? The flexible, jelly-like quality of coconut meat makes it a key ingredient for our house-made tortillas. These are the same grain-free, corn-free tortillas we use for the Magical Mango Curry Wrap, Luna Tuna Wrap, and the other tasty wraps on our menu. When you choose one of our fantastic flavors – red bell pepper, sweet onion dill, curry, or plain coconut – you’ll turn your meals into pure art. The impressive savory-sweet balance is created with young coconut, coconut water, agave, lemon, herbs and spices and sea salt.


Two tortillas per order.




U.S. shipping costs are included in the price. You will not be charged for shipping at checkout.




Thanks for enjoying our homemade recipes that have fed our San Diego community since 2007!

Coconut Tortillas

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