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Pesto Stuffed Tomatoes- with basil hemp pesto 9

Chips 'n' Guac- Crispy bell pepper chips served with fresh guacamole 9

Mediterranean Sampler- Sprouted almond, pea & lentil falafel served with  cucumber dill sauce & cashew hummus 8

O.B. Bruschetta- served on a flax cracker, topped with sundried olives 8

Dip n' Crackers- your choice of cashew cheez, tuna or hummus with leek crackers 9



Karmic Kale- kale salad with gold beets, carrots, red bell pepper hemp seeds & tahini garlic dressing 9

San Diego Caesar- romaine lettuce, sundried olives, croutons and aged cashew cheez 9    Add avocado 2

Rainbow Garden- lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, seasonal veggies served with dressing of your choice 9

Cheezy Kelp n’ Kale- marinated in a creamy cheez sauce with kelp noodles. Topped with sundried olives, red bell pepper and avocado 10






Loving Lasagna- zucchini noodles layered with hempseed pesto, cashew ricotta, and marinated veggies. Topped with marinara and aged cashew cheez 14  


Luna Tuna Wrap- sunflower seed tuna pate with tomatoes, pickles, sprouts & honey mustard dressing. Wrapped in a coconut tortilla 14



Bliss Burger- a hearty sundried tomato & walnut burger topped with cheez, pickles, and homemade ketchup. Served on our onion bread 11 Add mushrooms & onions 2


Sol Bowl- Kid created & adult approved! Cheezy kelp noodles tossed with ‘sautéed’ mushroom and onions, and fresh tomatoes 12 Add avocado 2


Mystical Mushroom Quesadilla- coconut tortilla filled with cheez, ‘sauteed’ mushrooms & onions, tomatoes & greens. Served with guacamole 14 Add walnut meat 2


Noble Nachos- crispy red bell pepper chips piled high with cheez, walnut meat, shredded lettuce, salsa & guacamole, topped with olives 14


Majestic Mediterranean Wrap- sprouted pea and lentil falafels, hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts & cucumber dill sauce wrapped in a collard 10


Nori Nirvana- avocado & fresh veggies wrapped in a nori, served with a teriyaki dipping sauce 10


Peace Pizza- marinated veggies, marinara & cheez on top of sunflower seed crust 12


Magical Mango Curry Wrap- avocado, mango & mixed veggies wrapped in a coconut tortilla. Served with coconut curry sauce 14


Voltaire Street Tacos- tender green leaf taco shells filled with walnut meat, guacamole, salsa & cheez 12


Awesome Alfredo- zucchini linguini tossed with creamy cashew alfredo with chopped tomatoes & cheezy kale flakes 10





Mock Tuna Pate 5                                   

Hummus 6                                                

Cashew Cheez 6                                           

Marinated veggies 5                              

Avocado 2                                                    

Guacamole 6                                       

Kale chips 6                                      

Extra sauce 2                                       




Cosmic Coconut Cream Pie 5

Snickerdoodle Cookies 3

Chocolate Almond Butter Bar 5

Conscious Cheezecake (flavors vary daily) 8

Sinless Cinnamon Rolls 5

Funky Fudge Brownie 6

Alive Apple Pie 5

Chocolate Truffles 4

*Check our display cases for many daily dessert specials




Milkyway Mylkshake- strawberry chocolate, or vanilla 9

Tropical Fruit Smoothie- young coconut water, banana & seasonal fruit 7

Superhuman Green Smoothie- mixed greens with spirulina, coconut water, hemp seeds, banana & seasonal fruit 8

House made Almond Mylk 8

Young thai coconut 5

Kombucha 5

Gingernize juices 5

Hot Chocolate 7

Hot Macacinno 7


**While we do the best we can, our food may contain shell/pit fragments.




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